Dessau Summer School of Architecture 2019 - Bauhaus 100

The Dessau Summer School of Architecture develops its thematic focus from the relevance of Bauhaus Dessau in the history of architecture. Parts of the course are conducted within Bauhaus Dessau.
At the Dessau Summer School of Architecture, participants from different nations enter into an architectural dialogue on a review of modernity in architecture. To this purpose, the components of the programme place current developments in architecture and design in relation to the history of modernity and to its evidence on site.

Dessau Summer School of Architecture starts with a workshop in cooperation with Bauhaus Dessau Foundation (see the 2012 results here or the 2016 results here) on the mutual relations between Education and Design in the Bauhaus Aula. Following this, the Studio is closely related to this context.
Art Class, Architecture and Society including German Language Class, Excursions to close and also more remote locations of Modern Architecture develop and deepen this focal point.

Program 2019


Cooperative Ways of Dwelling

In 2019, Bauhaus will celebrate its 100th birthday and you become part of this!  Not only will we participate in the official events; – in studio, we will focus especially on one core element of Bauhaus: The COOP principle.

The idea of applying the principle of cooperation to the sphere of dwelling is much older than Bauhaus, and the context of industrialization provided a new momentum in 19th century. As one early example, industrialist and socialist Jean-Baptiste André Godin developed Finistere of Guise (France) from 1859.

But at Bauhaus, the principle of cooperation was connected to the principle of research, and new Cooperative Ways of Dwelling were founded on research and analysis. Especially Hannes Meyer put emphasis on this, and even more when he became Director of Bauhaus in Dessau on April 1, 1928, succeeding Walter Gropius in this position.

Thus, the COOP- principle plays a significant role within his process of designing the “Houses with Balcony Access” in Dessau 1929-1930 and, together with Hannes Wittwer, the “ADGB Trade Union School” in Bernau 1928-1930 (both of which became UNESCO World Heritage recently in 2017).

Within studio, we will research historic and contemporary examples of buildings regarding the COOP- principle. Which role does architecture take in this context? Is it the role of an enabler – or the role of a preventer? Is it appropriate to assume a typical user -behaviour within the design process, or has the user to be an integral part of it?

Within studio, we will design interventions to existing Bauhaus- structures regarding this aspect, updating them to the demands of today. Doing so, we will achive a creative and well- founded position related to the historic positions of Bauhaus – in the year of its 100th anniversary!

According to exam regulations, successful completion of this module requires a written or drawn work.

Form of final exam: presentation.
Start: May 27th, 2019. End: July 5th, 2019

Prof. Stephan Pinkau,


Art Class

Sculptural Architectures – Architectural Sculptures


General architectural signs and elements as
roof . floor . door . window . wall . way . staircase …
are arranged and composed as an individual, sculptural
body housing.

a) Graphic designs . zeichnerische entwürfe
b) Small clay model . kleine tonskizze
c) Full scale clay sculpture . tonplastik 1:1
d) Burnt an coloured . gebrannt und bemalt

According to exam regulations, successful completion of this module requires a written or drawn work.

Form of final exam: presentation.
Start: May 27th, 2019. End: July 5th, 2019

Prof. Andreas Theurer,


Architecture and Society

Living and studying in a foreign country means getting to know new people, their culture and history. The subject of “Architecture and Society” will give the students an overview about that topic.

To learn more about Germany, its geography and language will be one important part of studying at Anhalt University. Therefore, students will take a specific language class in order to learn and practice their German language skills.

The content of the lecture is focused on urban housing developments. It begins with the theory of functionalism and continues with the concepts of post-second word war housing projects, the experimental ideas of the metabolists, the post-modern concepts, recent projects and ends with informal sectors.

According to exam regulations, successful completion of this module requires a written or drawn work.

Form of final exam: presentation.
Start: May 27th, 2019. End: July 5th, 2019

Prof. Dr. Omar Akbar,
Dipl. Päd. Elke Schulenburg,




Our Excursions will follow the traces of Modernism. In 2019, they will lead us to Berlin, and Hamburg.

You are supposed to gain an overview of these traces and to integrate your impressions and experiences into your studio project. The Excursions will offer an insight into German and European culture, considering not only the Modernism of the 1920’s, but also the older and newer history.

According to exam regulations, successful completion of this module requires a preparatory course and a report.

Form of final exam: presentation.
Start: May 27th, 2019. End: July 5th, 2019

Prof. Dipl. Ing. Stephan Pinkau,



You can download the preliminary timetable for 2019 in PDF format.
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Curriculum Regulations

You can download the Curriculum Regulations in PDF format.
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General Information


May 27th – July 5th, 2019
Day of arrival: May 27th, 2019
Day of departure: July 5th, 2019

Term of application

February 28th, 2019
In order to apply, please download the application form and send the filled form and the necessary attachments to


All courses are offered in English Language

Health Insurance

Make sure your health insurance will cover all costs, while you are staying in Dessau.

Address in Dessau

Anhalt University of Applied Sciences
Dessau Summer School of Architecture

Prof. Stephan Pinkau
c/o Your Name
Seminarplatz 2a
06846 Dessau


The closest airports are located in Leipzig and Berlin. From there take the train to Dessau main train station.
All students are to arrive in Dessau on May 27th!


Two Students are sharing one furnished room
Rental duration: May 27th – July 5th, 2019


Anhalt University has its own cafeteria on campus, offering food at lunch time. (Costs 1.50-4 Euro each meal). There is also a student café open all day. Other possibilities are the Bauhaus Cafeteria and the Bauhaus Club.

The common kitchen makes self supply possible. We suggest to calculate the average amount of 10 Euro per day for meals. (self supply and one meal in the cafeteria.) Near to the apartments you will find shopping opportunities


The studio of the Summer School program is located at the building of the architecture department, providing internet access and printers.
Every student is asked to bring her/his own laptop.


Excursions for several days with overnight stay. The field trips will include architectural guided tours, building site visits and architectural practice visits.


1.050 EUR including fees, accomodation from May 27th to July 5th and the excursions — Exchange Students as well as Individuals are cordially invited to apply!

About the University

With its sites at Bernburg, Dessau, and Köthen, Anhalt University can call upon proud traditions in science, innovation, and cultural cosmopolitanism. These traditions guide us in research and teaching. Anhalt University has established close links with both national and international research institutions and partners in industry. New forms of teaching, small study groups and excellent research offer ideal conditions for a good start to a career either at home or abroad.

About the City

Dessau was first mentioned in 1213. During the period of Enlightenment, the famous Dessau-Woerlitz gardens were created. In 1774, Basedow established the wellknown “Philantropinum” – a reformed public school.

In 1919, Hugo Junkers developed and built the first metal aeroplane in the world. The world-renowned “Bauhaus” moved from Weimar to Dessau in 1925. Six years later, the Nazis forced its closure. Today, Walter Gropius’s Bauhaus Building in Dessau is a longestablished icon of Modernism.

Contact/ Project Team

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Pinkau (Director of the Program)
Chelsea Schedler MA MSc

Hochschule Anhalt
Dessau Summer School of Architecture
Seminarplatz 2a
06846 Dessau, Germany
Fon +49 (0) 177 1679 772
Fax +49 (0) 340 5197 1599


Thank you for your interest in applying to the Dessau Summer School of Architecture 2019. The closing date for applications is February 28, 2019. Please download the application form below and send the filled form and the necessary attachments to